My research, interviews, and coverage at Emerj keeps me at the forefront of AI’s current and near-term impacts.

From the perspectives of top AI researchers, to one-to-one interviews with hundreds of AI startup execs each year – my goal with speaking is to distill AI’s most important upcoming trends in language that business people and laypeople can understand quickly.


What Matters Now

Trends and near-term implications of artificial intelligence in business (common industries include: Healthcare, finance, retail)

How Will We Manage
the Transition Beyond Humanity?

The moral challenges of artificial super intelligence and transhuman

Critical Trends in Artificial Intelligence in [X Industry].

I’ve spoken about artificial intelligence business trends at industry conferences ranging from drug development, to real estate, to marketing, and more. My work as CEO at Emerj involves one-to-one interviews with top AI researchers and executives from around the world, giving me a unique ability to present the “cutting edge” in a language that business leaders can understand without any technical AI background.

Business Value:
  • Providing a clear “line of sight” for executives to see the near-term (next 2-5 years) impact of artificial intelligence on their sector
  • Quickly covering the “must know” topics of market intelligence and competitive intelligence on the AI impact in a specific business sector
  • Helping executive and managers understand AI trends and help with AI adoption initiatives – without requiring an academic background in computer science jargon (i.e. distilling information to an executive or business audience)

The Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Business.

AI and ethics are often addressed in a purely philosophical way, disconnected from the realities of innovation (in academia and startup hubs) and from the realities of the market (the incentives of businesses and technology users). My role in the AI business ecosystem at Emerj (and my personal focus on AI ethics) allow me to bring together the prominent ethical concerns of AI – along with their ramifications for companies and governments. I speak to these topics not as philosophical hypotheticals, but as practical ethical realities that will impact societies – and the bottom lines of companies around the globe.

Business Value:
  • Giving business leaders an understanding of the legal and ethical pitfalls of upcoming artificial intelligence trends in their industry
  • Providing leaders with an understanding as to which ethical considerations might be most pressing in the near-term, based on academic and startup innovation, and current industry adoption
  • Highlighting proactive strategies to prepare for ethical concerns ahead of time, avoiding negative impacts on users and costly oversights

Artificial Intelligence Adoption – Dos and Don’ts.

While it’s clear that artificial intelligence will disrupt almost all business sectors (in much the same way that the internet has), executives often find it challenging to determine how and when to adopt artificial intelligence.

These presentations are designed to help executives and business leaders explore the following questions:

  • “How can we avoid distractions and focus only on the AI applications that might seriously impact our company and bottom line?”
  • “When should we begin artificial intelligence adoption to have the best chance of seeing a strong return on our investment?”
  • “How can we avoid expensive and embarrassing missteps in adopting artificial intelligence?”

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“The reason we brought in Dan to talk to our retail leaders group is because he has a pulse on ‘what’s next’, and understanding the realistic impact of AI (not just the jargon and hype) is what matters to the business people in our association. What I liked most was Dan’s emphasis on the relevance of AI technologies in our industry specifically – and particularly the details about how the retail consumer experience is evolving – with real
examples that we could all understand.”Todd Dittman, Chief Operating Officer at Shop! Association / Executive Director at PAVE (Planning and Visual Education Partnership)

“Dan was like a sherpa to our executive audience, navigating the applications of AI in business in a way that helped us see along our own paths. AI can be technical, but Dan brought us simple strategies to ‘stress test’ AI ideas, and ask the right questions to drive value in the enterprise. I feel like on a professional level, I can speak with more clarity to AI’s real value.”R. Eric McCarthey Regional Director, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Retired 30-Year Senior Executive Officer, Strategic Planning, Coca-Cola Company CEO, Shelty-Viking Capital Group LLC

“We put came together with a number of different organizations to sponsor Dan’s trip to our event because I knew he was the right person for the job. I consider Dan to be one of the most competent experts in analyzing the AI business landscape – one of the rare people who can explain the complexity in clear terms for business leaders. Our goal was to bring the insights from the world’s leading experts (many of whom Dan has interviewed 1-on-1) to our event, and I can say that for his entire talk – I don’t think there was one person looking at their phone. We had executives of both public and private companies riveted with Dan’s practical ideas about AI’s near-term applications. Audiences that need to know what’s around the corner on the cutting edge of AI definitely need Dan there.”Bob Wright, Rear Admiral, US Navy,Chairman of Events Committee, Business Executives for National Security (BENS)

“Dan’s talk was important and interesting to our group because it cracked open the door to just how far technology and psychology have merged already – and where that might take us. Honestly I can’t think of anything he can improve on the presentation, it was informative, energetic, with a dose of humor!”Nadia Yusuf, President, PSYCH Society, Cornell University