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Hi I’m

Dan Faggella

I founded Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, a market research company focused on the ROI of AI among the Fortune 500. I’ve conducted nearly a thousand interviews with Fortune 500 AI leaders (Raytheon, US Bank, etc), AI unicorn startup C-level folks (Dataiku, Domino Data Labs, OakNorth, etc.), and AI researchers (Yoshua Bengio, Nick Bostrom, etc).

I believe:

  • Creating posthuman intelligence will be the most morally consequential event we can think of. We should aim to ensure that this final creation is a worthy successor.
  • Moralizing AGI governance and innovation (calling some “bad” and others “good”) is disingenuous. All players are selfish. We should focus squarely and with good faith on the incentives of the players involved in order to find a way forward for humanity, and intelligence itself.

Present focus:

  • Growing Emerj.
  • Putting the realpolitik of AGI and the posthuman transition on blast with the Trajectory.

Stay in touch:

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  • Literature, esp. Plutarch, Emerson, Montaigne
  • Classical architecture, and history.
  • Εξασκώ τα ελληνικά μου, αλλά είναι ακόμα μέτρια.

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