Most of my writing focuses on (1) Artificial intelligence ethical and business implications, (2) psychology and skill acquisition, (3) marketing and business growth.

I care most about (and think most about) the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence and neurotech – and so I keep my most robust writing on those topics here on my personal blog.

Most of my in-depth writing and research on artificial intelligence in business can be found at Below is a small selection of some of my articles and features at various outside publications over the years:


DatePublicationRead Full Article
Nov. 2019Philosophy Now MagazineChallenge, Enhancement & Martial Arts
Nov. 2015TechCrunchThe Next 10 Years Of Automation And What It Might Mean For The Job Market
Oct. 2014XconomyVirtual Reality Gets Real at Brown University
Apr. 2014World Future SocietyDesign Matters in the New Robotics Revolution
Jul. 2013IEETExpanding Sentient Experience
Jul. 2014Humanity Plus MagazineThe Ethics of Transhumanism
May 2013Singularity WeblogHuman Augmentation isn’t so “Far Out”
Aug. 2013Singularity WeblogTechnology and What It Means to be Human
Sep. 2013LifeboatBuilding a Better Future
Jan. 2014RobohubRobots at Home
Apr. 2013AI-oneCollaboration, Artificial Intelligence and Creativity
Jul. 2014Akihabara NewsMind-Controlled Robots Coming Closer
Sep. 2014Augmented Reality TrendsThe Augmented Reality Revolution in the Desk-Less Work Environment
Dec. 2014Providence JournalThe Art of Communication and Neuroscience


DatePublicationRead Full Article
May 2017French Tech HubAI Probably Doesn’t Fit Your Startup Business Plan – That’s Okay
Jul. 2017IncWho Should (and Should Not) Adopt AI in Their Marketing Process?
Sep. 2017RetailEnvironments.orgAI Enabling Smarter Decisions in Retail
Oct. 2017MarTechTodayThe Applications of Recommendation Systems in Retail
Jul. 2014BETABoston / Boston GlobeSmartphones and the Robotics Revolution
Aug. 2014Tech.coEarly Augmented Reality Will Be Practical
Mar. 2017MarTechToday5 Trends in Artificial Intelligence for Marketing
Nov. 2014TechCrunchBlue Collar Augmented Reality
Feb. 2014Memeburn3 Factors That Will See Robots Play a Role in the most Unlikely Places
Digital DisruptionSmartphones and Commercial Robotics
FundingpostFunding an Emtech Startup
TechTheFutureAugmented Reality Changes Desk-less Work


DatePublicationRead Full Article
Jun. 2013Under 30 CEOThe Science of Skill Development
Sep. 2014Huffington PostHow Understanding Happiness Will be Critical to Developing ‘Good’ Technology (co-authored)
Dec. 2014Providence JournalAssistive Technology and Locked-In Syndrome
Apr. 2013PsychCentralManipulating Emotion Through Technology
Mar. 2013Positive Psychology DailyFulfillment Beyond Man
Jan. 2013Alex and Ani Company BlogAppreciative Inquiry and Business Culture


DatePublicationRead Full Article
Feb. 2016Inc5 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage the Power of Email Marketing
Apr. 2015ForbesEmail Marketing Strategies of Billion Dollar eCommerce Giants (co-authored)
Jul. 2014Boston Business JournalMarketing Automation for Startups
Dec. 2017Huffington Post3 Keys to More Leads and Sales with Marketing Automation (co-authored)
May 2017Inc5 Steps to Automating Your Business’s Operations to Improve Efficiency
Oct. 2014Marketing ProfsHow Service Companies Can Drive Sales with Email
Oct. 2015Marketing ProfsDirect Marketing Tactics for eCommerce
Jun. 2014Marketing LandDriving Leads and Subscribers from Facebook
Aug. 2014Search Engine LandUsing Email to Boost SEO Results
Dec. 2015Search Engine LandNo-Hype SEO Strategies That Still Work
Dec. 2014Social Media TodayDrive Traffic from Large Facebook Fan Pages
Apr. 2014Business2Community3 Tactics to Get a Higher ROI on Email Marketing
All Business ExpertsSegmentation and Email Marketing Campaigns
Business Collective3 Ways to Get Leads to Open Your Marketing Emails More Regularly
DuctTapeMarketingBridging the Small Business Marketing Gap
Feb. 2014Direct Marketing NewsHow Early-stage Companies Neglect Their Back-ends
Aug. 2014Digital Marketer3 Email Campaigns That Drive Revenue
eFactorDatabase Marketing for Startups
May 2014Killer StartupsCLVBoost
Dec. 2015Digital Marketing DepotOrganically Grown Email Lists—Your Agency’s Inside Track
May 2014WebbiquityDatabase Marketing Principals to Increase Email Marketing ROI
Marketing Automation TimesUse Data to Drive Better Email Marketing
Small Biz DailyFacebook Lead Generation Strategies that Any Business Can use
SteamFeedTurn Your Email Marketing Campaign Into SEO Opportunity
Sep. 2014VocusThe World’s Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers
Jul. 2014Criminally ProlificHow I Grew My Startup to $40k Per Month Using Emails and Good Content
Yahoo Small BusinessDatabase Marketing Principles to Increase Email Marketing ROI