Most of my presentations deal with research trends in emerging technologies, and the ethical implications thereof, though I occasionally speak on entrepreneurship and marketing automation.


TEDx at Southern New Hampshire University 2015: “We Should Wake Up Before the Machines Do” (AI Related)


TEDxSpringfield 2014: “Tinkering with Consciousness” (AI Related)


Academic / Scientific Talks

I’ve been fortunate to speak at fine universities such as Stanford, Duke, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, UPENN, and more.

My university talks hone in on the intersection of technology and psychology (artificial intelligence and neurotech), and encourage students to consider the role of their respective fields (from computer science to psychology and beyond) will help mold the future that humanity is actively creating.

Business / Marketing Talks

My presentation outside of emerging technology include the Boston Growth Hackers speaker series, Yanik Silver’s Underground Marketing event, Bryant University, and more.

Having grown a number of successful businesses with marketing automation, and having consulted with software, product, and service companies from around the world, my focus for marketing presentations is generally on digital marketing and business KPIs for growth.

Since moving to San Francisco, CA and exclusively focusing on TechEmergence, I rarely take marketing presentations.