I’ve been fortunate to speak at events around the world, from the United Nations to Stanford University, from artificial intelligence and tech conferences to industry organizations in finance, real estate, and more.

Most of my presentations deal with research trends in artificial intelligence and neurotech, and the business and ethical implications thereof. I’m usually hired to speak on the following topics:

  • Critical Trends in Artificial Intelligence in [X Industry]. I’ve spoken about artificial intelligence business trends at industry conferences ranging from drug development, to real estate, to marketing, and more. My work as CEO at Emerj involves one-to-one interviews with top AI researchers and executives from around the world, giving me a unique ability to present the “cutting edge” in a language that business leaders can understand without any technical AI background.
    • Business Value:
      • Providing a clear “line of sight” for executives to see the near-term (next 2-5 years) impact of artificial intelligence on their sector
      • Quickly covering the “must know” topics of market intelligence and competitive intelligence on the AI impact in a specific business sector
      • Helping executive and managers understand AI trends and help with AI adoption initiatives – without requiring an academic background in computer science jargon (i.e. distilling information to an executive or business audience)
  • The Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Business. AI and ethics are often addressed in a purely philosophical way, disconnected from the realities of innovation (in academia and startup hubs) and from the realities of the market (the incentives of businesses and technology users). My role in the AI business ecosystem at Emerj (and my personal focus on AI ethics) allow me to bring together the prominent ethical concerns of AI – along with their ramifications for companies and governments. I speak to these topics not as philosophical hypotheticals, but as practical ethical realities that will impact societies – and the bottom lines of companies around the globe.
    • Business Value:
      • Giving business leaders an understanding of the legal and ethical pitfalls of upcoming artificial intelligence trends in their industry
      • Providing leaders with an understanding as to which ethical considerations might be most pressing in the near-term, based on academic and startup innovation, and current industry adoption
      • Highlighting proactive strategies to prepare for ethical concerns ahead of time, avoiding negative impacts on users and costly oversights
  • Artificial Intelligence Adoption – Dos and Don’ts. While it’s clear that artificial intelligence will disrupt almost all business sectors (in much the same way that the internet has), executives often find it challenging to determine how and when to adopt artificial intelligence.
    • These presentations are designed to help executives and business leaders explore the following questions:
      • “How can we avoid distractions and focus only on the AI applications that might seriously impact our company and bottom line?”
      • “When should we begin artificial intelligence adoption to have the best chance of seeing a strong return on our investment?”
      • “How can we avoid expensive and embarrassing missteps in adopting artificial intelligence?”


For more information on bookings and presentations, contact: speaking [at] emerj [dot] com


Below are a sample of my publicly available TEDx presentations:

TEDx at University of Rhode Island 2018: “Job Security in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

TEDx at Cal Poly 2017: “Can Artificial Intelligence Make the World a Better Place?”


TEDx at Southern New Hampshire University 2015: “We Should Wake Up Before the Machines Do” (AI Related)


TEDxSpringfield 2014: “Tinkering with Consciousness” (Neurotech and AI Related)


Previous Presentations:


  • Stanford University (Topic: “Business Cases for Virtual Reality and AI”)
  • Brown University (Topic: “The Ethical Implications of AI and Neurotechnologies”)
  • Harvard University (Topic: Student entrepreneurship and digital marketing)
  • MIT (Topic: “The Ethical Implications of AI and Neurotechnologies”)
  • Many more

Business conferences:

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference, San Francisco (Topic: “Analyzing the AI Healthcare Startup Landscape – Lessons Learned”)
  • Applied AI Summit, Boston (Topic: “Critical AI Applications in the Hospital Setting”)
  • AI World, Boston (Topic: “Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”)
  • Many more

Companies and organizations:

  • The United Nations (2018 Singapore event on “Artificial Intelligence Ethics in Law Enforcement”)
  • Alex and Ani
  • Paris Regional Enterprises (Multiple events about AI industry trends in drug development, marketing, and more)
  • Many more

TEDx Events:

  • University of Rhode Island, 2018
  • Cal Poly, 2017
  • University of Southern New Hampshire, 2015
  • Springfield, MA, 2014



For more information on bookings and presentations, contact: speaking [at] emerj [dot] com