Most of my presentations deal with research trends in emerging technologies, and the ethical implications thereof, though I occasionally speak on entrepreneurship and marketing automation.

TEDx at Southern New Hampshire University 2015: “We Should Wake Up Before the Machines Do” (AI Related)

 TEDxSpringfield 2014: “Tinkering with Consciousness” (AI Related)

Academic / Scientific Talks

I’ve been fortunate to speak at fine universities such as Stanford, Duke, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, UPENN, and more.

My university talks hone in on the intersection of technology and psychology (artificial intelligence and neurotech), and encourage students to consider the role of their respective fields (from computer science to psychology and beyond) will help mold the future that humanity is actively creating.

Business / Marketing Talks

My presentation outside of emerging technology include the Boston Growth Hackers speaker series, Yanik Silver’s Underground Marketing event, Bryant University, and more. 

Having grown a number of successful businesses with marketing automation, and having consulted with software, product, and service companies from around the world, my focus for marketing presentations is generally on digital marketing and business KPIs for growth.

Since moving to San Francisco, CA and exclusively focusing on TechEmergence, I rarely take marketing presentations.


“Dan’s talk was important and interesting to our group because it cracked open the door to just how far technology and psychology have merged already – and where that might take us. Honestly I cant think of anything he can improve on the presentation, it was informative, energetic, with a dose of humor!”

Nadia Yusuf, President, PSYCH Society, Cornell University


“I’m glad that we had Daniel down to talk about ethics and emerging technologies – the crowd at WPI (and I myself) had a blast.

He made it clear that when it comes these complicated ethical matters, he didn’t have the answers and that in some cases there really aren’t any.  I’ve been to way too many lectures where the speaker thinks that they know what’s best (when it really IS an opinion question), and Dan’s approach of having folks realistically consider and brainstorm ideas about building the future resonated with me.

Though talks about technical subjects often end up being boring – Dan’s presentation was animated and engaging – and brought the subject matter to life.”

Greg Tighe, Founder /Director at CollabLab, Worchster Polytechnical Institute


“Thank you so much for coming and giving a great talk on BMI & VR/AR. I thought it was really interesting and engaging. I really liked how called out some specific companies and what they are doing in the areas. It was also helpful whenever you talked about the practical applications from business perspective as well as consumer perspective.”

Jeffrey Wen, Educational Director, Duke University, Fokua Business School Technology Club


“We had such a great time hosting Dan Faggella’s talk, and I was very impressed with how well he engaged the audience. He’s able to talk about a complex subject (ethics and neuro-prosthetics) in a down-to-earth way, which I think is pretty difficult to do. We’d definitely have Daniel by again for another presentation!”

Emily Toomey, President, Brown University Alzheimer’s Research Club


“I just wanted to again thank you for your talk. The information was interesting and stimulating enough within itself, however you presented you information in such a way that you had the audience’s attention the entire talk. Simply put, it was interesting, captivating and posed many questions to the audience that they had never thought of before.”

Tyler R. Hightower, Office of Student Relations, Trinity College


“Dan’s talks provide clear insights for students, but in a way that relates to them, but also from a real student who is also a real achiever – and someone to look up to. I’d recommend ANY college bring him in to share what he knows!”

James Malinchak
2-Time College Speaker of the Year
Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show: “The Secret Millionaire”
Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul