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2013 18/Jun

In this short thought experiment, I’ll aim to explore the place of “intention” and “motivation” in a transhuman future, and discuss some of the pros and cons seriously. Speculations around the topic of intention today are mostly unknowable and potentially undetectable, as intention itself takes place almost entirely inside our heads (until manifested), and often […]

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2013 2/Jun

Will robots have morals? Will the world and it’s sentient technologies agree on any kind of ethical “code?” Will democracy still reign when intelligent technologies run essentially all aspects of life? Questions involving morality, ethics, and values in the future seem to me both immeasurably important, and inevitably senseless. On the one hand, our transition […]

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2013 14/May

I am still of the belief that two of the most important conversations we can have with regards to the future of humanity and of sentient life in general are (a) how the transition to transhumanism could / should take place, and (b) where we would like this transition to inevitably leave us. This short […]

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2013 6/May

In an interview with Wired about his work building a brain at Google, Ray Kurzweil was asked about his thoughts on Steve Jobs’ notion of death as a natural part of life, and a provider of meaning and urgency (from his now-famous speech at Stanford). “…This is what I call a deathist statement, part of […]

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