TechEmergence – Founder / Editor in Chief, 2014 – Present (A media and marketing research platform to help business leaders with strategic planning and IT procurement for all things artificial intelligence)


Science of Skill, LLC – Founder / CEO, 2012 – 2017 (Started as a location-independent income stream to fund what would become TechEmergence, built into a multi-million dollar eCommerce and eLearning business – sold to private buyers in 2017)

CLVboost – Founder / Editor, 2014 – 2015 (Built CLVb into a six figure consultancy helping startups and eCommerce companies implement marketing automation. I ceased consulting CLVboost in 2015 to focus on getting a seven-figure exit from Science of Skill to fund TechEmergence)

Black Diamond Mixed Martial Arts, LLC – Founder / Head Instructor, 2009 – 2013 (Started this business during undergrad to pay for Ivy League grad school. Trained fighters, developed curricula and marketing systems, expanded to 4,500 square feet. Sold the business in 2013)

ReactCRM – Investor and Advisor, 2014 – 2015